For the past two weeks, the parking garages have been at or near capacity due in part  because of the end of the school year and increased local travel. Today, all garages were full and passengers were advised to use the economy lots. As a result, we are taking steps to advise the traveling public by social media and news outlets to allow extra time if parking in the garages. The following update was sent to media today to advise the public of the situation.

At Orlando International Airport, all parking garages including A, B and the new C are at or nearing capacity. For parking, use the Economy parking  lots both North and South. Summer travel, end of school year, and airline prices are considered contributing factors. 

 We will continue to monitor this situation and advise of any additional steps taken to provide ample parking at MCO.

Should the garages become full, those who have management cards are able to park in the employee parking lot by showing their management card and badge.