October 5-9, 2020 is National Customer Service Week!

A little history on the event…

Established by the International Customer Service Association (now Professional Association for Customer Engagement), National Customer Service Week was proclaimed an official event by the U.S. Congress in 1992, via Presidential Proclamation. Since then, the first full business week of each October has been celebrated by organizations across many industries in the United States and around the world. ​​ National Customer Service Week is dedicated to recognizing the amazing service that customer service professionals give all year long.

How are we celebrating?

No matter what your job is at our airport, you are giving customer service to all those you interact with and all of our guests. We want to show you how much we appreciate you!

Tomorrow, we will kick off our week of celebrating MCO employees in honor of National Customer Service Week! Pay close attention to your email for the rest of the week. Each day we will be sending you emails with exciting information, activities, treats and more!

If your co-workers do not receive these emails, tell them to get signed up so they do not miss out on the fun. MCO employees can sign up at MCOcares.com/#signup.

Here are some things you can look forward to this week:

Monday – We are launching a new way for our employees to engage with us via social media. Stay tuned for details…

Tuesday- Show us how well you know Orlando International Airport with a quick trivia game. The first 30 employees to answer all questions correctly will receive a prize from our partners at Big Head Caricatures! We will also work with McDonalds and Chick-Fil-A, in the food court of the Main Terminal, to offer a snack for badged employees during our happy hours.

Wednesday- We will focus on the wellness of our employees. There will be three virtual yoga classes offered to our employees from our partners at Happy Place Yoga & Music.

Thursday- We have partnered with 7-Eleven(MCO location only), to several snack time options for badged employees during employee appreciation happy hours. Click here to print the flyer.

Friday- Because we simply donut know what we would do with out you, we have partnered with Dunkin'(MCO Main Terminal location only) to offer badged employees a free donut during select happy hours.

All details regarding our happy hours, trivia and virtual yoga will be sent out via our Airport Employee Communication emails. So get signed up if you are not.  MCOcares.com/#signup