MCO employees will soon be parking in the C-Garage. Here are some additional details that will help employees make this transition.

  1. Hang tags – All vehicles shall display their hang tag at all times.
  2. Credentials – All Employees must have current credentials (current hangtag and GOAA badge or airline badge) upon entry and exit. If an Employee does not have a current hangtag or their GOAA or airline badge, they will be asked to back out and will have to wait for our contracted Parking Management to arrive in order to be processed on exit, or pull a ticket and pay using the automated lanes.
  3. Management cards – Management card users can use their Management card and valid ID to park in any garage. We prefer Management card holders to continue parking in the North Garage.
  4. Oversized vehicles – Employees with a vehicle over 7’ but less than 8’2” should park in C-Garage levels 3 and 6. Employees with oversized vehicles will not be allowed to continue to park in the B-garage. If an Employee’s vehicle is over 8’2”, they should plan on parking in South Park Place.
  5. Charging stations – At this time, there are no charging stations available for use in the C-Garage.

Please note that due to APM car and track maintenance obligations, the APM operation using two APM systems will operate from 0300-1900. There will still be APM service after 1900, however the arrival intervals will be spaced further. Please plan accordingly, as there may be a delay in APM availability. And similarly, as with grocery stores and other public places, social responsibility starts with US ALL! Social distancing, wearing of masks, being safe during this pandemic …. It all remains a focus for the Aviation Authority. BUT it starts with all of us Employees! Masks remain mandatory in Orange County and the City of Orlando, so everyone must be wearing a mask. If the APM station is at a capacity that you think the APM would be too crowded, simply wait for the next one. Please plan ahead, as our timeliness is all of our responsibilities, because the journey will be longer than was noticed when parking was at the terminal. There will be an APM ride (and a potential wait), as well as some transit time between the parking facility and your work areas. Time management becomes critical so please allot enough time to get to your respective work areas on time.

The continued cooperation and understanding of the constraints placed on all of us is very much welcomed and appreciated.

To access the C-garage, simply follow the signs that direct to C-garage. From the north (Semoran Blvd., SR 528, etc.) as you come around the B-loop, signs direct to C on the two right-hand lanes. From the South (Boggy Creek Rd., SR 417, etc.), once you pass the Travel Plaza, the left-hand lane will take you to the C-garage. Please note that there are orange construction cones still in place, to keep the general public out as this garage is still closed to the general public. Proceed through the cones towards the C, and eventually the lanes narrow into the single lane to access the C-garage.

Parking in the C-garage is limited to Levels 3 to 6. Access to the APM station will be either through Level 3 or Level 5, via the walkway in the southeast corner, as below. Any other levels would require you to take the elevator in the southeast area (closest to the APM station) to Levels 3 or 5. Similar to the APMs in the North Terminal, the plan to access the APMs should be through the center of the station, between the two APM rails.

Also, for the overnight workers who park in B-Garage on the evening of the 8th, or for based crews that are on trips and park in the B-Garage prior to the 9th and return after the changeover, you will need to see an attendant on the B-exit lanes upon leaving. We have very limited provisions in place for you to exit, and you will still need to provide their current hangtag, as well as your GOAA-issued badge or your airline ID. There is some processing that will need to take place, so please be patient. If you foresee any Employees being away for an extended period of time, they should contact our Parking team at and advise us of the dates.

For questions regarding your individual parking situation, please see your manager. As a reminder, this is still a public parking facility and we are obligated to use it as such in the future. Eventually the Employees will move back to the Employee Lot.

When accessing the APMs, please use the area in between the two APM rails. This will assist social distancing when other riders exit.