To accomodate employees working in Terminal C, there will be another bus route added from the Employee Parking Lot (EPL). Effective Monday, September 19th, there will be a nonstop shuttle service from the EPL to Terminal C. To allow organization for this, EPL shuttle stops have been delineated in three areas– one area for drop-offs, one area for loading for Terminals A and B, and one area for loading for Terminal C.

It is imperative to ensure that you are travelling on the right EPL shuttle to your work location. The shuttles to Terminal C are dedicated to Terminal C only, as are the ones to Terminals A & B, so please understand that the drivers will not be deviating from their stated routes if someone is on the wrong shuttle.

Unlike the EPL shuttles for Terminals A & B, which run on an interval, the shuttles for Terminal C will run on a timed route. The times are downloadable below and will be posted in the EPL.

To recap, there will be two options of shuttles to choose from – Terminals A & B, and a new Terminal C shuttle – effective Monday the 19th of September. If you are operating out of Terminals A & B, there will be no change, with the exception of the observation of another route. If you are operating out of Terminal C, the shuttle will be running at defined intervals, so please make note of the times.

Click the Download button below to download a copy of the Terminal C EPL Shuttle Schedule.

If you have questions regarding Employee Parking, please call 407-825-2689.