UPDATED 09/30/22:

Orlando International Airport will resume passenger flights after 12:00pm, Friday,
September 30, following a preliminary survey of airport property in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. The
inspection revealed minor damage to airport facilities.

“In coordination with our airline partners, and after completing an initial assessment, we are anticipating a
commercial schedule that transitions to normal airport operations within the next 24 hours” said Kevin
Thibault, CEO for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA). “Through the diligent efforts of our
team, we are continuing to remove a significant amount of water to support this intended operation.”

Travelers are advised not to arrive at the airport for their departure prior to 10 a.m., so the airport and
partners can prepare working areas to better serve customers.

Employees of our airport partners should contact their manager directly for instructions regarding returning to work.

Working from the plane to the passenger, airport crews inspected the airfield, airside property, gate and
terminal links (trams), landside facilities, and roads to ensure safe passage for busses and cars. The
airport’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will continue to monitor airport activities, and airport
leaders will work with industry partners to determine if further adjustments to operations are necessary.
A number of airlines are adjusting their schedules and adding relief flights over the weekend so travelers
are advised to contact their airlines and rental car companies directly for individual flight and rental car

Download this Hurricane Resource Guide, from Aetna Resources for Living, for resources you may find helpful at this time.


Orlando International Airport is prepared for the arrival and impact of Hurricane Ian. After conferring with the National Weather Service, airlines, and federal partners it has been decided that commercial operations at Orlando International Airport will cease at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, 09/28/22.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority has activated the airport’s Emergency Operations Center. The center, staffed by airport leadership, emergency response and federal partners, maintains direct communication with airline leaders and the National Weather Service to keep informed on the latest updates on the hurricane’s path.

The APM’s and Employee Buses will continue scheduled operation until 1pm.  After that, employers will be responsible for taking employees to the EPL. Employees of our airport partners should contact their manager directly for instructions and updates.

Travelers should contact their airlines directly for any updates in regards to their specific flights.

Please remember the airport is not a shelter, County shelter locations can be found typically through that county’s 3-1-1 system or website.