Bags Inc. Published: 08/24/2017
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Baggage Service Representative Duties and Responsibilities

OVERVIEW The following describes the essential functions, qualifications, schedule requirements, traditional physical demands and other requirements of the Baggage Service Representative position. Baggage Service Offices provide immediate assistance to customers whose baggage is mishandled by tracing and reuniting customers with their belongings. Representatives usually work in the baggage claim area of the airport and spend most of their time assisting customers with delayed, damaged and pilfered baggage. Representatives are trained to be empathetic and helpful to customers who have been separated from their belongings and must be resourceful when searching for valuable items or assisting a customer replace his/her damaged items. The representative’s role is crucial to ensuring that baggage reaches the correct destination in a timely manner and restoring confidence in the airline for customers who experienced a service failure.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION Bags Inc. is the Baggage Service Office provider for a major airline carrier at the Orlando International Airport. This commercial airline provides passenger and cargo transportation throughout North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Baggage Service Representative will interact with airline passengers in a courteous, efficient, friendly and professional manner: • Processing delayed, damaged and pilfered baggage claims in a timely manner and pursuant to company policy at Baggage Service Offices • Ensuring all baggage file information is complete and accurate in the computerized baggage tracking system, updating the file when applicable • Amending existing files with baggage status in a timely manner and pursuant to company policy • Close baggage claim files that have been resolved in a timely manner and pursuant to company policy • Process all baggage tasks in the Task Manager Workflow • Forward on-hand bags, including processing unclaimed bags and forwarding to Central Baggage Resolution Office in accordance with prescribed timelines • Arrange baggage delivery with baggage service delivery providers • Assist customers with damaged and pilfered bags, lost and found and loss and/or delay of assistive devices • Process baggage refunds and interim expenses • Understand and manage work based on DOT guidelines, limits to liability, Contract of Carriage and company policy • Additional related duties as deemed operationally necessary by baggage service supplier or airline QUALIFICATIONS • Minimum high school diploma • 2 to 3 years of customer service experience • Airline industry experience is a plus • Strong verbal and written communication skills • Proficient computer skills • Ability to work a fixed and/or rotating schedule including afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays • Frequently lift bags or items weighing up to and including 50 pounds • Occasionally lift bags or items weighing between 50 and 70 pounds.

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