Please follow this link for the results of the Employee Survey on the Employee Parking Lot (EPL) Shuttle operation from February 2019.

Employee Survey EPL Feb 2019

Thanks you to the over 1,500 Employees that responded!

Your feedback is appreciated, and we look to reach out to you in the future to better gauge how we can serve you.

Here at MCO, we do value the input of our Employees, and as such, as you all have requested, we will be moving the EPL Shuttle location back to the Commercial Lane, as of Monday, April 22nd.  Additionally, in response to your wishes, we will plan on moving the location of lane to the Loading Dock Area only in known peak periods, to include Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. Also pursuant to your desires, we will keep the EPL Shuttle in a continuous loop operation, versus also stopping at the Main Terminal.

We are still sifting through the over 1,000 suggestions for improvement, so thanks again for all of the feedback. Once again, we just want to say we do value your feedback, and we are happy to make these changes to accommodate.

Please stay tuned for any further changes, and for up-to-the-moment announcements, feel free to visit and sign up to receive our Airport Employee Communication emails.